Congratulations, Margot!

Margot has finished her trinket box, which is a lead-up to her embroidered casket.  It looks fantastic and now we all can’t wait to see her progress on the bigger box.

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Take a Look!

Marie-France has been busy!  Here are some of her latest projects.

  • Jasperware Wedgwood Nativity Ornaments, designed by Jo Gatenby.  The pattern can be found in the “A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine”
  • Canvas Candy Bowl, from Heartfelt Design
  • Zippered small embroidery bag, decorated with a Jacobean crewel design on one side and a beautiful sample of antique lace made by her grandmother on the other
  • The last item is quite unique.  Made for her daughter, it is designed like a needle book, but made to store pins, and a bag to keep them in.

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New Books!

We have four new books in our library, all Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guides and published by Search Press.

  • “Bead Embroidery” by Shelley Cox, was published in 2013, and covers using beads in counted thread and surface embroideries, with sixty-three pages of charts and pictures of the beaded stitches.
  • “Canvaswork” by Rachel Doyle, came out in 2013 as well.  Inside you will find almost everything you need to know about stitching on canvas, including materials, framing up and designing.  There are charts and pictures of fifty-eight stitches.
  • “Blackwork” by Becky Hogg, was published in 2010.  All about blackwork, there are sections on materials, framing, designing and seven pages of stitches.  Fifty pages of charts and photos of blackwork patterns fill out this volume.
  • “Silk Shading” by Sarah Hamfray, also issued in 2010, delivers on what we’ve come to expect from RSN Stitch Guides, as it explains silk shading/thread painting, offering information on shading, simple/complex shapes, and projects to stitch.




Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

Road trip! The tapestry was on exhibition in New Glasgow at the New Glasgow Street Theatre, and several of our members took the opportunity to go view it. The work itself was created to illustrate the histories of Scottish migrants throughout the world, and the vividly coloured embroidery on display was certainly inspiring. The story of its creation and pictures of all the panels can be found at

Christmas 2016

Our annual Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange was held at the Inn on the Lake, Fall River. As in past years, the venue was perfect and everyone had a great time. The shape for this year’s ornament was a wreath, and the finished examples did not fail to impress. Looking forward to a great 2017!

Ornaments 2016