Christmas Exchanges

We had our Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange at the Inn on the Lake, Fall River.  This year’s ornament theme was a bell, and the variety of shapes and stitches was amazing.  They were all beautiful and a welcome addition to the growing collection of hand-made treasures for our Christmas trees.

Bell Ornament 2018

A couple of weeks later, we gathered for one of our newer traditions – the cookie exchange!  They all look excellent …

Cookies 2018

Now on to 2019 and another year of stitching!


Christmas Ornaments 2017

This year’s shape was a heart and the decorations created didn’t disappoint!  Next year’s theme is a bell.2017 Ornaments

What We’ve Been Up To

I may be behind in my blog posts, but our members have certainly been keeping busy!  In the slideshow to follow, we have a photo of two finished examples of the “Winterland” embroidery pattern by Elizabeth Almond.  Following that we have the bargello sampler featured in EAC Magazine and a hardanger mat by Margaret, “Danish Tiles” by Marilyn, and two canvas work completed by Lyn, City Walk and Roseto respectively.  Then we have the crewel piece “Midnight Meander” finished by Wendy, as well as her whitework/leaf study that she has used to cover the top of a box.

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Take a Look!

Marie-France has been busy!  Here are some of her latest projects.

  • Jasperware Wedgwood Nativity Ornaments, designed by Jo Gatenby.  The pattern can be found in the “A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine”
  • Canvas Candy Bowl, from Heartfelt Design
  • Zippered small embroidery bag, decorated with a Jacobean crewel design on one side and a beautiful sample of antique lace made by her grandmother on the other
  • The last item is quite unique.  Made for her daughter, it is designed like a needle book, but made to store pins, and a bag to keep them in.

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