A New Book For The Library

We now have a copy of “Embroidered Bags and Purses,” Krause Publications, 2004.  This book is a collection of projects taken from Inspirations Magazine for lavishly embroidered, and sometimes beaded, purses.  If you didn’t want to make it up into a bag, the designs are beautiful enough to be framed.

The latest issue of Stitch Magazine is also in, so have a look at some of the latest trends in needlework.


New Books!

We have four new books in our library, all Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guides and published by Search Press.

  • “Bead Embroidery” by Shelley Cox, was published in 2013, and covers using beads in counted thread and surface embroideries, with sixty-three pages of charts and pictures of the beaded stitches.
  • “Canvaswork” by Rachel Doyle, came out in 2013 as well.  Inside you will find almost everything you need to know about stitching on canvas, including materials, framing up and designing.  There are charts and pictures of fifty-eight stitches.
  • “Blackwork” by Becky Hogg, was published in 2010.  All about blackwork, there are sections on materials, framing, designing and seven pages of stitches.  Fifty pages of charts and photos of blackwork patterns fill out this volume.
  • “Silk Shading” by Sarah Hamfray, also issued in 2010, delivers on what we’ve come to expect from RSN Stitch Guides, as it explains silk shading/thread painting, offering information on shading, simple/complex shapes, and projects to stitch.




New Stumpwork Book

Recently added to the library is  “Tips Tricks and Stitches,” Kay and Michael Dennis, published by Kay Dennis Stumpwork.

The subtitle on this book describes it as, “A handbook of embroidery and needlelace stitches and techniques used in stumpwork.” This is an excellent small reference manual for guidance whenever you want to do stumpwork. It includes such techniques as couching wires, padding, slips, working over molds, and using metal threads. There are diagrams for 32 embroidery and needlelace stitches and six projects: bird, bee, snail, free-standing flower, strawberries, and a bird.


Stitch Magazine #1o2

Whenever the new Stitch magazine arrives, it gets passed around the worktable and eagerly perused by everyone.  It’s always a treat to be the first one to borrow this latest issue to really get into the articles and projects.  The magazine is full of interesting and accessible needlework, ranging from the very traditional – stumpwork and kogin – to the very modern, combining needlework with watercolour.  This publication comes highly recommended!



New to the Library

Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork, by Hazel Blomkamp, Published by Tunbridge Wells, UK: Search Press, c2016.

This is not a book about embroidering crazy patchwork quilts, although there is a short section covering making and finishing them. It is mostly about embroidery that looks like crazy patchwork. The first half covers the techniques used: embroidery, ribbon embroidery, needlelace, needle weaving, beading, tatting, and combination stitches. There are excellent stitch diagrams.

The second half covers five projects:
1. a round box lid, embroidered to look like crazy patchwork
2. a rectangular box lid in Blomkamp’s modern Jacobean style
3. the cuff of a Christmas stocking, in non-traditional colours
4. a wall hanging which is half patchwork embroidery and half modern Jacobean
5. a patchwork basket cover

This is an excellent book for anyone who would like to learn the basics of many embellishment techniques or who would like to apply their skills to making something pretty and different.


New Books in the Library

Endo, Yasuko. “Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples: Motifs”  Fort Collins, CO: Interweave, 2014.

Yasuko Endo’s first book was mainly about stitching beaded lines and bands.  This one covers adding beads to individual embroidered elements – everything from sweets to ethnic costumes to paisley patterns, flowers, birds and bugs to surface darning, trellis, lattice and knotted stitches. The motifs would be fun to embroider on scissor fobs or needle books.  (I particularly like the little penguin family.)  Lattice and darning stitches look very different with added beads.  Those of us who embroidered the lattice sampler might want to add some beads to it!

Lake, Carole and Michael E. Boron. “Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book” Austin, TX: Stitches Plain & Fancy, c2014.

Have you ever bought a painted needlepoint canvas and been stumped wondering what threads, colours and stitches you should use?  Or have you ever thought of changing some of the stitches on a needlepoint kit?  This is the book for you.

The first third covers how to select a well-designed and painted canvas and a description of all the hundreds of embroidery threads that were available in 2013.  The latter two thirds is full of possible stitches (and their charts) for faces, hair, clothing, buildings, leaves and foliage, snow and ice, angel wings, stars, motifs, backgrounds, bands, lines, and shading.

This is a great reference book which will give you plenty of ideas to personalize your stitching.


Book Review

Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples, by Yasuko Endo, Interweave, Loveland CO, 2012


The latest addition to the library is a great how-to book on embroidering with beads and adding beads to your surface and counted needlework.  There are detailed instructions for 111 embroidered bands and straight lines with added beads. These can be adapted to curves and circles. In addition, there are patterns for adding beads to edgings, fillings, flowers and monograms. It is amazing how adding seed beads to, for example, Holbein, cross, or back stitches changes the look of the stitch.  Borrow the book and change the way your embroidery looks.

Submitted by Margot Walker