More Books

Inspirations Magazine.  Inspirations – A Passion for Needlework Factoria VII.  Adelaide, Australia:  Inspirations, c2018.
Another gorgeous book from Inspirations Magazine, with instructions for 12 projects from the likes of Jenny Adin-Christie, Hazel Blomkamp, Nicola Jarvis, Barbara Kershaw, and Phillipa Turnbull.

The next two books are really useful if you want to add colour, texture and pattern to large areas of your embroidery.

Blomkamp, Hazel.  Needle Weaving Techniques for Hand Embroidery.  Tunbridge Wells, UK:  Search Press, c2017.
Some of us have been having difficulty with the needle weaving in Hazel Blomkamp’s designs.  This book should help out.  It is full of hints and techniques; charts and directions for 42 patterns.  Needle weaving is excellent for filling in blank spaces in your embroidery.

Blomkamp, Hazel.  Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery.  Tunbridge Wells, UK:  Search Press, c 2017.
As with needle weaving, needle lace can be used to fill in blank spaces.  It is also used in whitework and stumpwork.  48 stitches are presented with very clear diagrams and directions.  There are no pictures of the lace.  However, these can be found in other books.


Donations to Our Library

Josée Poupart, of the Seaspray Lace Guild, has donated six excellent books to our library.

Ecole Lesage.  Point de croix et autre secrets de broderie.  Paris, 2003.  Don’t worry if you don’t read French – this is a collection of 40 patterns from the Ecole Lesage and iron-on transfers for each of them.  They vary from very easy to advanced. Twenty-five are from the school’s archives and 15 are new.  (For those of you who have never heard of the Ecole Lesage in Paris, the closest thing to it in the English-speaking world is the Royal School of Needlework in London.)

Ecole Lesage.  Le langage des fleurs:  Les secrets de la broderie au ruban.  Paris:  2005.  Another 40 patterns from the Ecole Lesage, with iron-on transfers.  These flowers are done in ribbon embroidery and go from easy to elaborate.

Gibb, Helen.  Ribbonwork:  The Complete Guide.  Iola, WI:  Krause Publications, c2004.  A very complete book about ribbon embroidery written for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced embroiderers.  Included are innumerable exercises and 20 projects.

Montano, Judith Baker.  The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.  Lafayette, CA:  C & T Publishing, c1993.  This is a good book for ribbon embroidery beginners.  It includes the usual information about ribbons, threads, materials, and stitches.  There are 12 projects, with instructions on various ways of using them.  Don’t miss the two pages on using ribbon embroidery on clothing.

Kling, Candace.  The Artful Ribbon:  Beauties in Bloom.  Lafayette, CA:  C & T Publishing, c. 1996. More for intermediate and advanced ribbon embroiderers, Kling’s book has instructions for beautiful flowers, buds, stamens, petals, leaves, and textured finishes.

Duchénoy, Pascale.  Le point de Beauvais.  Paris:  Editions Didier Carpentier, c1999.  There are three kinds of tambour work: Beading, lace, and embroidery.  Many of you saw tambour beading at the PEI Seminar.  It is done with the wrong side of the material up and beads are added from below.  Tambour lace is done right side up, using hexagonal mesh net.  Point de Beauvais is a tambour embroidery, also done right side up and is a very quick way of doing chain stitch embroidery.

New Books in the Library

Cave, Oenone.  Cut-Work Embroidery and How To Do It

The history of cut/pulled/drawn work; how to design it; how to embroider it; and how to finish it.  This a Dover reprint of the 1963 edition.

Preston, Doris.  Needle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries

This is a Dover reprint of a book originally published in 1938.  It includes instructions for the following needle laces and embroidered nets:  Needle run, tambour, Carrickmacross, Irish crochet, reticella, princess, filet, and tatting.

Submitted by Margot W.

Our Growing Library

More Books!

More additions, encompassing a wide range of needlearts:

Raised Embroidery (RSN), by Kelley Aldridge – Raised embroidery, including padded embroidery, needlelace, and stumpwork.  This book includes techniques, materials, design and seven patterns.

Goldwork (RSN), by Helen McCook – All you wanted to know about traditional goldwork, its history, materials, methods and six designs.

Crewelwork (RSN), by Jacqui McDonald – Technique history, materials, methods and design.

Inspirations, A Passion for Needlework – Stumpwork, whitework, surface embroidery, needle painting.  Twelve embroidery projects from Inspirations Magazine, so you  know they’re beautiful!

Sardinian Knotted Embroidery, by Yvette Stanton – Beautiful geometric whitework:  how to do it and eleven projects.

Stumpwork Embroidery Techniques and Projects, by Helen Richman – This book begins with an introductin to materials, equipment and tools, and goes on to cover lots of stitches and techniques, finishing, presenting, and caring for stumpwork.  It also includes ten lovely projects.

The Library Keeps Growing

Our librarian has been building our reference materials by getting several more of the invaluable A to Z series:

Embroidered Motifs – Tons of motifs, using bullion knots, that you can add to your embroidery.

Ribbon Embroidery – A comprehensive manual covering 42 stitches, 41 designs and 50 patterns!

Silk Ribbon Embroidery – Instructions for 32 buitiful flowers made of silk ribbon.

Whitework – Ayrshire, Broderie Anglaise, Candlewicking, Carrickmacross, Cutwork, Hedebo, Madeira, Mountmellick, Shadow Work, and Tambour – all in this one book.

Needlepoint – Would you like to add texture and variety to your needlepoint?  This book has directions for 68 stitches.

A New Book For The Library

We now have a copy of “Embroidered Bags and Purses,” Krause Publications, 2004.  This book is a collection of projects taken from Inspirations Magazine for lavishly embroidered, and sometimes beaded, purses.  If you didn’t want to make it up into a bag, the designs are beautiful enough to be framed.

The latest issue of Stitch Magazine is also in, so have a look at some of the latest trends in needlework.

New Books!

We have four new books in our library, all Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guides and published by Search Press.

  • “Bead Embroidery” by Shelley Cox, was published in 2013, and covers using beads in counted thread and surface embroideries, with sixty-three pages of charts and pictures of the beaded stitches.
  • “Canvaswork” by Rachel Doyle, came out in 2013 as well.  Inside you will find almost everything you need to know about stitching on canvas, including materials, framing up and designing.  There are charts and pictures of fifty-eight stitches.
  • “Blackwork” by Becky Hogg, was published in 2010.  All about blackwork, there are sections on materials, framing, designing and seven pages of stitches.  Fifty pages of charts and photos of blackwork patterns fill out this volume.
  • “Silk Shading” by Sarah Hamfray, also issued in 2010, delivers on what we’ve come to expect from RSN Stitch Guides, as it explains silk shading/thread painting, offering information on shading, simple/complex shapes, and projects to stitch.