Great Work!

Both Wendy and Deanne have completed some lovely projects.  From Wendy, we have a pouch decorated with Sollerosom embroidery (Christine P. Bishop, designer), and canvaswork box (pattern “What’s in the Box” by Diane Scott).

Deanne has finished two mandala patterns from the latest book by Hazel Blomkamp and is currently working on a third.


Christmas Exchanges

We had our Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange at the Inn on the Lake, Fall River.  This year’s ornament theme was a bell, and the variety of shapes and stitches was amazing.  They were all beautiful and a welcome addition to the growing collection of hand-made treasures for our Christmas trees.

Bell Ornament 2018

A couple of weeks later, we gathered for one of our newer traditions – the cookie exchange!  They all look excellent …

Cookies 2018

Now on to 2019 and another year of stitching!

2018 Retreat

At the end of October, we had a stitching retreat at the Victoria’s Historic Inn in Wolfville, N.S.  Textile artist and embroiderer, Kate Madeloso, was our instructor and we were going to work on her mandala design, consisting of wool felt applique and embroidery stitches.  Kate was a wonderful teacher and the class was a resounding success.  As these photos show, a good time was had by all.  Picture credits go to Charlene.

You can find Kate’s blog at, and you can read her November 1 entry on her Facebook page about the class.

Donations to Our Library

Josée Poupart, of the Seaspray Lace Guild, has donated six excellent books to our library.

Ecole Lesage.  Point de croix et autre secrets de broderie.  Paris, 2003.  Don’t worry if you don’t read French – this is a collection of 40 patterns from the Ecole Lesage and iron-on transfers for each of them.  They vary from very easy to advanced. Twenty-five are from the school’s archives and 15 are new.  (For those of you who have never heard of the Ecole Lesage in Paris, the closest thing to it in the English-speaking world is the Royal School of Needlework in London.)

Ecole Lesage.  Le langage des fleurs:  Les secrets de la broderie au ruban.  Paris:  2005.  Another 40 patterns from the Ecole Lesage, with iron-on transfers.  These flowers are done in ribbon embroidery and go from easy to elaborate.

Gibb, Helen.  Ribbonwork:  The Complete Guide.  Iola, WI:  Krause Publications, c2004.  A very complete book about ribbon embroidery written for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced embroiderers.  Included are innumerable exercises and 20 projects.

Montano, Judith Baker.  The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.  Lafayette, CA:  C & T Publishing, c1993.  This is a good book for ribbon embroidery beginners.  It includes the usual information about ribbons, threads, materials, and stitches.  There are 12 projects, with instructions on various ways of using them.  Don’t miss the two pages on using ribbon embroidery on clothing.

Kling, Candace.  The Artful Ribbon:  Beauties in Bloom.  Lafayette, CA:  C & T Publishing, c. 1996. More for intermediate and advanced ribbon embroiderers, Kling’s book has instructions for beautiful flowers, buds, stamens, petals, leaves, and textured finishes.

Duchénoy, Pascale.  Le point de Beauvais.  Paris:  Editions Didier Carpentier, c1999.  There are three kinds of tambour work: Beading, lace, and embroidery.  Many of you saw tambour beading at the PEI Seminar.  It is done with the wrong side of the material up and beads are added from below.  Tambour lace is done right side up, using hexagonal mesh net.  Point de Beauvais is a tambour embroidery, also done right side up and is a very quick way of doing chain stitch embroidery.

A Day at the Hooked Rug Museum of North America

To celebrate our twenty years as a guild, we spent a day at the Rug Museum, stitching and exhibiting our work.  The museum hosted us in a large room inside the exhibition area.  In addition to all the spectacular rugs on display, visitors to the museum could also see us at work and explore the various types of embroidery that were set out on tables around the room.  It was such a grand day, in fact, that we’re booked for the same next year!

Bridging Stitches – Seminar 2018

This summer, nine members from our guild attended the EAC Seminar in Prince Edward Island, July 17-22.  For many of us, it would be our first.  Months before, we had sent in our applications, and now the time had come.  PEI is a favorite destination for vacationers from around the world, so many of those attending were combining the seminar with holidays.  In getting to know our fellow seminar partipants, we discovered many were from as far away as the US.

After arriving at the University of PEI Campus, where the seminar was being held, it was a flurry of excitement getting checked in to the residence and picking up our welcome packages filled with information and goodies put together for us by the local coordinators.  That first night there was a meet-and-greet where we got to meet fellow attendees and our instructors.  There were food and games and an embroidery challenge, won by the ANG table!

The next five days would be filled with course work and shopping at the Vendors Market as well as several pop-up stores open during the seminar.  Set in the middle of the week, there was a choice of a one-day workshop, or seeing the sights of PEI on excursions arranged by the organizers.  At the closing banquet, everyone was tired and happy.  A request had been made that we should try and wear an item that we embroidered to the banquet and one of the highlights of the night was a parade around the room of everyone who had brought something they had made.

Our thanks to the organizers for a job well done.

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