Library Addition

We have a new book in the library:  Distinctive Presentations in Needle Arts, Brown, Marcia S., published by Binding Stitch, 2014.

Do you spend hours trying to figure out how to hang your framed needlework from the ceiling because you have no wall space left?  If so, this is the book for you.  Its subtitle is “A Complete Guide to Professional Finishing for Your Needlework,” and complete it is.  The basics of blocking, hemming, metering, and joining are covered.  “How to” is provided for:

  • 8 types of pillows and cushions
  • brick doorstops
  • covered frames
  • 3D standing figures
  • Christmas stockings
  • 4 types of bell pulls
  • rugs
  • 7 ideas for finishing small projects
  • 5 types of lined cases for scissors, glasses, cell phones, computers, etc.
  • Styrofoam balls

These are followed by many ideas for embellishments :  cords, fringes, ruffs, tufts, tassels and closures.

Take a look at this book.  Maybe you don’t have to use the ceiling after all!

Margot Walker, Librarian


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