The ABC’s of ABF’s

I have a feeling that most of my fellow stitchers have a similar problem to me – a house (and cottage), filled with walls covered in framed needlework pieces. I even have to change out some works seasonally just to get some shown. What to do? Well, I am now trying to practice ABF – Anything But Framing. To this end, I thought I would try and think of as many ways as possible to use stitching that do not require frames. Here is my ABC list of the ABF’s that I came up with:

A – afghan, armchair organizer, apron
B – biscornu, bookmark, box insert, bell pull, bowl, bag, button cover, banding, blanket
C – coasters, clutch purse, curtains (Hardanger for instance)
D – dimensional pieces (stuffed, free-standing Santas or buildings, for instance), doorstops (covered brick)
E – etui, embellishments for quilts or clothing items eyeglass case
F – footstool inserts, frameweight
G – greeting card inserts
H – housecoat embroidery, hanger cover
I – I can’t think of an “I”
J – jewelry (broaches, necklaces, earrings, cuffs) jewelry box insert, journal cover, jar topper
K – key fob
L – lens bag (i.e. magnifier)
M – mirror frame
N – napkins, needlecase, nametag, needle roll, notebook cover
O – oven mitts, ort box
P – pincushion, pillow photo frame, purse insert paperweight, placemats, pockets, postcard, pen/pencil holder
Q – quilts (mini-quilts with stitching in the middle and fabric borders)
R – reverie (pyramid-shaped bag for use as a paperweight or sachet)
S – scissor fobs, scissor cases, suncatchers, sachets, sewing basket insert or cover
T – tea cozy, tape measure cover, tablecloths, tamer balls, tea box insert (Bombay Company), triptychs (three needleworks over padded matt board hung side by side)
U – “u” got me??
V – vase cover
W – watch box insert (also Bombay Company)
X – Xmas ornaments, stockings
Y – Your turn to think of something
Z – Zentangle something

There! I have managed to come up with quite a few ideas but I am sure there are more. If you think of others, please let me know. In the meantime, let’s get busy on those “ABF’S.” Also, we should still frame some pieces as they really do look nice and we don’t want to put our framers out of business.

Noreen Quilliam


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