Goldwork Workshop – Harebell on Black Velvet, Submitted by Deanne Hemphill

In April, I participated in a two-day gold workshop, put on by Town Clock Stitchers of Halifax, and instructed by Tanja Berlin of Calgary.  Tanja spent many years learning her craft at the Royal School of Needlework in London, England.  Her work is fabulous; she had quite a few samples with her to show us, including gold work, blackwork and thread painting.  The beauty of her work was truly inspiring.

As a teacher, Tanja was terrific.  in the group she had both beginners such as myself, and some who were ready to do more advanced work.  She balanced the two groups with ease; she would teach a technique and then allow us time to stitch for a bit, offering help when necessary.  Then she would go on to the next technique and do the same.  There were times of teaching, times of quiet stitching, and times of chatter and laughter.  Tanja was very patient and helpful, all the while very relaxed and with a wonderful sense of humour.

The venue was a room at the new Central Library in Halifax.  It is a fabulous building and it was fun to be there to enjoy the surroundings on our breaks.

I thank the Town Clock Stitchers for opening this workshop up to other guilds, and I very much enjoyed my time with like-minded new friends.  Here’s the finished work.



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