Mandalas and Magnolias

Marie-France has completed her seminar project, Magnolia Revisited, and Deanne finished her third mandala, the Mono Colorwheel.  Congratulations!

Mono Colorwheel
Magnolia Revisited

Margot’s Casket Project

For a while now, Margot has been working on her casket project.  It is an enormous undertaking of time and patience and we love to see her progress.  It is really starting to take shape, as these photos attest.  Congratulations, Margot, and we can’t wait to see more!

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More Books

Inspirations Magazine.  Inspirations – A Passion for Needlework Factoria VII.  Adelaide, Australia:  Inspirations, c2018.
Another gorgeous book from Inspirations Magazine, with instructions for 12 projects from the likes of Jenny Adin-Christie, Hazel Blomkamp, Nicola Jarvis, Barbara Kershaw, and Phillipa Turnbull.

The next two books are really useful if you want to add colour, texture and pattern to large areas of your embroidery.

Blomkamp, Hazel.  Needle Weaving Techniques for Hand Embroidery.  Tunbridge Wells, UK:  Search Press, c2017.
Some of us have been having difficulty with the needle weaving in Hazel Blomkamp’s designs.  This book should help out.  It is full of hints and techniques; charts and directions for 42 patterns.  Needle weaving is excellent for filling in blank spaces in your embroidery.

Blomkamp, Hazel.  Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery.  Tunbridge Wells, UK:  Search Press, c 2017.
As with needle weaving, needle lace can be used to fill in blank spaces.  It is also used in whitework and stumpwork.  48 stitches are presented with very clear diagrams and directions.  There are no pictures of the lace.  However, these can be found in other books.

Great Work!

Both Wendy and Deanne have completed some lovely projects.  From Wendy, we have a pouch decorated with Sollerosom embroidery (Christine P. Bishop, designer), and canvaswork box (pattern “What’s in the Box” by Diane Scott).

Deanne has finished two mandala patterns from the latest book by Hazel Blomkamp and is currently working on a third.

Christmas Exchanges

We had our Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange at the Inn on the Lake, Fall River.  This year’s ornament theme was a bell, and the variety of shapes and stitches was amazing.  They were all beautiful and a welcome addition to the growing collection of hand-made treasures for our Christmas trees.

Bell Ornament 2018

A couple of weeks later, we gathered for one of our newer traditions – the cookie exchange!  They all look excellent …

Cookies 2018

Now on to 2019 and another year of stitching!